Roll Out Starting for Local PAL Websites


Roll Out Starting for Local PAL Websites Photo

Hello PAL Chapters,

I am sure you received the announcement that National PAL is up and running on their new website.  Now it is time to get your Local Chapters on your new sites.  A number of sites are live and there are many more that will be going live soon.  Be sure to get registered and get in the queue to get your new site. You can click on the link and click on register and follow the prompts    

If you were a PAL who had registered with TigerSix at the National PAL Conference please go to the TigerSix website and update your information by clicking on the register button.   If you did not register at the Conference you can also go to the TigerSix website and follow the previous procedure.  The information that will be needed is:

  • Template choice
  • Colors
  • Contact information
  • DNS information  (domain name you would like example
  • Name as you want it on the website
  • Correct Address

A Tiger Six representative will contact you and verify your information.  We  will be presenting webinars on different aspects of manageing the website.   Recordings of the webinars will be placed on the National PAL site to help you in building your content and managing your site.    

After your site is created please understand we will always be around to help you if you have a problem working with your site.  

We at TigerSix and National PAL want to make your PAL as successful as possible and we believe that your new website will be a giant step in that direction.

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